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Chef Miguel

From Portugal to Brazil there are quite a few places where Miguel Reino stamped his uniqueness.

His adventure as a cook started ate the age of sixteen in a restaurant owned by his uncle. In the early 80’s he moved to Rio de Janeiro and started working in the mining business, which lasted few months before he decides to become Chef. Miguel started working with Chef Claude Troisgros, and later with some other well-known chefs such as Gaston Lenôtre and Alain Jacob in Sheraton and Rio Palace.

A few years later he decides to emancipate and pursues his own professional life. At the age of twenty-three he opens his first restaurant, Adamastor, in Búzios, coastline of Rio de Janeiro, and starts his journey of discoveries and reinvention of himself as a Chef.

Back in Portugal he opens a new restaurant, Flor da Várzea, in Sintra, with his brother Gigi, followed by his own creperie Só Crepes, restaurant Picanha in Lisbon and, finally, the famous beach restaurant Aqui Há Peixe, in the beautiful west coast beach Praia do Pêgo. To honor the magnificent 65km of wild beach he stood twelve years between the sea-line and a pinewood.

His instinct of finding and looking for new challenges lead him, thirteen years later, to move to Lisbon. Settled in Chiado, one of the most remarkable neighborhoods of the capital, he shows a growing maturity and excellence in his cooking, keeping simplicity as the main secret and giving tourists and Portuguese people the best there is: the fish.

Fresh fish everyday

Every ingredient is carefully chosen by Chef Miguel Reino in his morning visits to the Lisbon markets.